Chocolate Fingers

chocolate fingers

So tasty and very scrumptious treat. I love making this easy and rich chocolate fingers. The only problerm I have, each time making it is to slice it to perfect little fingers.
The recipe is adapted from a cellphone pamphlet, I encountered many years ago.

500 grams nutella
250 grams cornflakes
200 grams chocolate, cut into pieces
200 gram chocolate, cut into pieces (not a mistake)
50 gram butter
250 ml whipping cream

In a large bowl, mix together the nutella and cornflakes. 
Melt together the butter and 200 grams of chocolate and add to the nutella bowl.
Line a 20x30cm pan with parchment paper and spread the entire mixture on it.
Place in the fridge and meanwhile melt together the chocolate and whipping cream and for on top the nutella mixture. 
Placer in the freezer until sert and then cut into small fingers.

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