Cream cheese and blueberry Trifle

blueberry trifle

Will you believe me if I say, I have never tried blueberries till now?
Well it's true!
I read an article about the benefits of eating blueberries, so I decided to buy some.
As far as I know, in my area you can only get frozen blueberries or blueberries filling.
I bought each of them and first tried the blueberries filling.
I know how cranberries taste like, but didn't think blueberries will have that sourish taste too.
I 've decided to make a nice and easy going trifle with cream cheese and blueberries for these warm days, and it came out really good.
So without further ado, let's have some trifle :-)

blueberry and cheese

biscuit crumbs
about 100ml cooking cream/ regular cream (= 3.4 oz.)
225 gram cream cheese (= 7.9 oz.)
1/3 cup sugar
blueberries filling
*Measurements were made with 200 ml plastic cup.

Mix together the cream cheese, sugar and cream.
Fill jars with some of the cream mixture, add a bit of biscuit crumbs
and put a teaspoon, or as much as you like, of the blueberries filling.
Repeat last steps till finished with biscuits on top.