Giveaways - from Estee Lauder to iphone6


Today i've spotted some awesome giveaways, that you should definitely check out:
Iphone6, Macbook air, slow cooker, Lomo camera etc.

Estee Lauder giveaway, open Worldwide and ends Oct 20, click here.

Havit Bluetooth giveaway, click here to enter the raffle. - US only, Ends Oct 16.

For a chance to win a Macbook air , click here.- Open Worldwide, Ends Oct 5

Does this scenario sound familiar?
You need to send a letter, a real one :-), but of course no envelopes in sight, so
what do you do? Enter this giveaway and Win 5 luxurious envelopes :-),
Click here. - Raffle Ends Oct 10, Open Worldwide.

2X Lomo camera giveaway, click here.Open worldwide, Ends Oct 17.

Care for a new slow cooker, click here. Open worldwide, Ends Oct 31.

Now this is a crazy giveaway, iphone6 raffle, click here. - Open worldwide, Ends Oct 15.