Lahoh is a spongy Yemeni  flatbread with many holes in it.
It is usually made out of plain flour, however i've decided to make it a bit healthier 
and prepare it with spelt flour.
The outcome turned out really delicious, especially if you dip it in a sauce or fill it with
whatever you feel like.

186 gram (6.56 oz) spelt flour
About a flattened teaspoon dry yeast
1/2 flattened tsp. salt
240ml (8.11 fluide ounce) water
A little bit of oil for frying

Mix together the yeast and flour.
Add about a cup of the water and mix well, so there won't be any lumps.
Add the salt and the rest of the water and mix well.
Leave outside for an hour in the bowl with a lid or a cover on.
After an hour, you'll see some bubbles in the mixture.
Take a pan, pour in just a tiny bit of oil, spread on the entire bottom and then wipe with paper towel the excess. 
Place the pan on a high heat and immediately pour about a cup from the mixture.
Wait until the mixture will change color and bubbles will appear on the entire surface.
Cover with a lid for 2 minutes, until the bottom browns a bit and remove from the heat.
Before each Lahoh, the pan needs to be cooled or else no bubbles will form.