Chocolate truffles


chocolate truffles

It might seem that those chocolate truffles are plain and well they are, but after you taste them, it is very hard to say no for another one.
The process of making this truffles is very easy, a bit messy, but very easy.
If you decide making them, be sure to let them set in the freezer as much as they need .
I've made them so many times and you just can't get enough.
They are so rich and chocolatey, that if you're a chocolate lover like me, you'll enjoy them.
It is best eating them after you let them sit outside of the freezer for couple of minutes, when they are still a bit frozen but you can bite them without fearing to lose any of your teeth :-)

chocolate balls

כודורי שוקולד chocolate balls

Ingredients for 9 large balls:
200 ml / 6.76 ounces whipping cream
200 gram / 7.054 OZ  bittersweet chocolate
about 40 gram / 1.41 OZ butter / margarine
about 22 - 24 crumbled biscuits (or cookies)
grated coconut or sprinkles for decoration

Melt together the whipping cream, butter and chocolate in the microwave (Melt in pulses
of 30 seconds, so the chocolate won't burn and stir after each pulse).
Alternatively, melt by using a bain-marie .
Gradually add the crumbled biscuits (crumble most of the biscuits fine and other can be left a bit large - one of the best parts while eating this treat is finding a huge moist biscuit inside), just until you can make a shape of a ball and place in the paper tins.
The mixture doesn't have to be firm, as long as the round shape somewhat manage to keep it all together it's fine, even if it's still runny.
Sprinkle with grated coconut or sprinkles and set in the freezer till set.