Some things just look beautiful


Because I'm working on a project that you'll soon know of,I thought I'd share this with you.
In cooking and baking, there are ups but there are some downs.
I've started cooking and baking just about 5-6 years ago, and not every recipe got according to plans, however almost every recipe looked so pretty, so I took a picture of it and there it is.
Some were edible, some were nice (but not good enough to write post about) and some were a complete disaster.
Hope you'll enjoy it :-) 

yeast dough

too much proofing
Just checking if the yeast are alive, but ended up saying "It's alive"!


cottage cheesecake

sausage salami tortilla

sausage tortilla

peanut butter cupcake

strawberry cheesecake

strawberry cake

cabage roll

Have a great weekend!