Cheesecake ice cream cake

I love ice cream cakes very much and I truly enjoy those rich and full of taste cheesecakes.
I saw a recipe of a cake with cream cheese and whipping cream and really wanted to make it, however I didn't had all the ingredients so I just threw the ingredients I had to a bowl and this refreshing
and so tasty dessert came out.

ice cream cake
The recipe is very easy and the only thing that you need is time for it to freeze and some patience :-)
1 cup (180 ml) Rice Krispy's
250ml sweetened whipping cream (or whipping cream and sugar to taste)
1 Heaping Tbsp. instant pudding powder vanilla flavored
2 Tbsp. cream cheese
Whip together the whipping cream and instant pudding.
Add the cream cheese and whip again.
Sprinkle half the amount of the rice Krispy's on the bottom of a small English cake pan.
Pour the cheese mixture to the pan and Sprinkle it with the rest of the rice Krispy's.
Put in the freezer until all set. 
cheesecake ice cream