Hi everyone!

My name is Michal, and I'm the owner of Con Delight. I started this blog around 2009 when it first I wrote only about food, but since then things have changed quite a bit :-)

I've started baking about 10 years ago when the cooking field really didn't interest me; I guess it's because I love sweets.

For some reason I can't remember, I started cooking too and ever since I can honestly say that I genuinely love cooking: you don't need any rules, just throw some stuff together and usually it works :-)
I must say that I am no chef and I haven't learned cooking or pastry at any time, but it is all from trying and mistaking. I encourage you to try and dare and see that you, too, can succeed.

As I said, in the early years, the blog was all about food and reviews, but with time, I discovered I love writing about other things other than food.

I really enjoy to travel and share about trips with my family. We enjoy exploring new adventures and visiting well-known places, such as the trip we had in Disneyland a few years back that there was a moment I really panicked and yelled, well I'll leave the rest so you'll go and read the post :-)

In addition, I love sharing DIY projects, enjoy photographing, writing movie reviews, and basically share everything I found enjoyable and think you might enjoy it too.

I always write my personal opinion on each product or attraction I get for review or get invited to.
If you have any question, offer for a collaboration or a sponsored post and more, please leave a comment on the blog or contact me via my Email:

3 תגובות:

  1. תגובה זו הוסרה על ידי המחבר.

  2. would you mind if i recommended your blog on my food blog. If you were also happy to subscribe to my blog that would be great, if you do, feel free to blog my recipes on your blog.

    1. Hello, have subscribed to your blog and commented. Good luck with the new blog!


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