Do you want to build a snowman?

tried making Olaf
I really love the movie "Frozen".
Some might say it resembles to "The lion king" and I don't know but I don't care.
One of the characters that I really loved is Olaf.
I tried to recreate him with ice cream and toffee and cake,
and well it didn't turn out exactly as what
I had in mind, however it did come out cute and funny (like a 3 year old made it lol).
So here is my version to a snowman (not Olaf, 'cause I sure can't see the resemblance :-) ) that you can make with your kids.
version 1:
Vanilla ice cream
melted chocolate
cake for the eyeballs and buttons
version 2:
chocolate cake
grated coconut
chocolate chips
Version 1:
Mold the ice cream into snowman body.
Mold the toffee into nose and place on the snowman.
Mold eyeballs and buttons from cake and place.
Melt chocolate, draw on a parchment paper arms, lip, eyebrows and hair and freeze.
Put them in place carefully and that's it :-)
ice cream snowman
Version 2:
Mold the cake into snowman body.
coat/roll the snowman with the grated coconut.
Mold the toffee into arms and/or eyes and place on the snowman.
Place a chocolate chip as a nose and that's it :-)
chocolate snowman
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