Homemade Reese's peanut butter cups

peanut butter cups
I see this Reese's peanut butter cups madness everywhere, so I thought I should definitely try making them at home.
I came across some recipes who tried to imitate the real thing, but I felt like I really wanted to upgrade it a bit.
So why not make the coating out of whipping cream and chocolate, much tastier and more decadent.
And the filling? Well, peanut butter is a must, so how about Skippy peanut butter with chunks mixed with instant vanilla pudding powder - Yummy!

peanut butter cups
chocolate peanut butter cup

chocolate covered peanut butter cups
 reese's peanut butter cups

Homemade Reese's peanut butter cups/recipe by Con Delight
Ingredients for about 10-12 Cups:
400-gram chocolate (14.1 OZ)
200 ml whipping cream (6.76 OZ)
1/3 cup instant vanilla pudding powder (30 gram/1.05 OZ)
Skippy peanut butter and chunks  jar (462gram/16.3 OZ)
muffin tin liners
muffin tray
*Measurements were made with a 200ml cup.
BTW, You can add the Vanilla pudding powder as much as you want.
Melt the chocolate and the cream together.
Spread the chocolate on the bottom and sides of the muffin liners, place in the muffin tray and freeze until hardens.
Meanwhile melt, if needed, the peanut butter for 20 seconds in the microwave.
Mix together with the instant vanilla pudding powder.
Take the chocolate muffin liners out of the freezer and if needed, add another layer of chocolate and freeze.
Afterward, fill with the peanut butter mixture, place in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and then cover with a final layer of chocolate.
Place in the freezer till completely set.
A comment would be appreciated :-)

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  1. חמוד, כיף שאפשר לגוון באפשרויות המילוי והמעטפת.

    1. בהחלט :-) אגב אפשר לדעתי להחליף את השמנת מתוקה לקרם קוקוס אטו חלב שקדים, נראה לי יהיה מוצלח באותה מידה :-)
      ותודה רבה לך שהגבת :-)

    2. בהחלט :-) אגב אפשר לדעתי להחליף את השמנת מתוקה לקרם קוקוס אטו חלב שקדים, נראה לי יהיה מוצלח באותה מידה :-)
      ותודה רבה לך שהגבת :-)

  2. Chocolate and Peanut Butter, a winning combination. Yammy :)

  3. Uhmmm!! I want every bit of this madness!

  4. Oh my GOSH! My mouth is melting! I haven't had Reeses or anything similar in months since I have been traveling around Asia and now Europe. Thanks for the inspiration to make my own!

    1. Wow that sounds like fun! hope that if you'll make it, it will bring good memories :-)

  5. I would love to have one of these treats right now. I have a sweet tooth like you wouldn't believe. A very dangerous thing to have in my house, but oh so yummy.

    1. I totaly agree :-) have a sweet totth myself :-) Thanks a lot for visiting

  6. Sounds Yummy To Me I Will Be Making Thank You

  7. Seriously? These look so much better than the real thing!! My husband loves these so I better make some for him, right? Thanks for sharing!! :)
    xox, Crystelle


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