Easy and fast Twix bar

twix candy bar

I don't know when is the last time I had Twix, but after seeing this at Winnie's blog, I really wanted to make it, but I wanted to make it very fast and very simple.
So I bought a premade shortcrust pastry, one sweet and the other savory.
Baked, filled with milk toffee cream and covered with milk chocolate, delish!
easy twix recipe

twix bar

450 gram savory shortcrust pastry (1 pound)
450 gram sweet shortcrtust pastry (1 pound)
1/3 cup whipping cream
1 cup milk toffee, about 20 candies
Milk chocolate

Place the two pastry rectengulars on one another, and bake in 180 degree Celsius for about 30 minutes.
Meanwhile, prepare the toffee cream :
Melt the cream and toffee together on a low heat.
When the pastry is ready, set aside to cool.
Cut into small cubes or equaled size fingers and spread the toffee cream on top.
Take two fingers and place one on the other.
Continue with the rest and put in the fridge till set.
Melt milk chocolate and coat the fingers.
Bon appetite :-)

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