7 must-visit spots you probably missed in Lithuania


black lodge cafe speakeasy vilnius
Photo credit: Black Lodge Cafe Speakeasy

Lithuania offers these days to visitors an additional night in the country for free, and the big cities make the perfect getaway.
Lithuania's capital, Vilnius, is known for its historical monuments, medieval old town (a UNESCO world heritage), and greenery.

However, it is also known for unfamiliar street art, bizarre cafes and restaurants, and quirky boutique shops.

Black lodge Cafe Speakeasy twin peaks vilnius
Photo Credit: Black lodge Cafe Speakeasy

Lithuania Travel, the country's national tourism development agency, compiled a list of these lesser-known places. Here are 7 out of many other great spots you must visit that show the alternative side of Vilnius.

1. Black Lodge Cafe Speakeasy - Twin Peaks lovers will enjoy visiting this place. The Twin-Peaks-inspired cafe replicates the mysterious red room from David Lynch's series. The place offers a private movie-like experience for you and two other people at a time. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the eerie atmosphere with that one song looping in the background.
The place offers a limited menu - cheery pie and coffee, which was the favorite combo of the leading character Dale Cooper in the series. Address: Užupio g. 13.

Uzupis republic
Užupis, photo credit: Go Vilnius

2. Užupis - Known as the "self-declared republic," Užupis is considered an artistic district with bizarre street art, sculptures, and pop-up installations. . The Republic of Užupis is functioning as a separate state within the city. It has its own government, anthem, traditions, and even constitution. The latter contains 41 articles emphasizing openness, tolerance, and freedom. When visiting the area, don't miss out on reading those articles. Alongside some sensible points such as “Everyone has the right to be happy,” some are written on a more humorous note, such as "A dog has the right to be a dog" or "A cat is not obliged to love its owner, but must help in time of need."

3. Humana Vintage - Fashion lovers will appreciate this affordable vintage shop. This shop is one of the best spots in Vilnius to enjoy picking quality vintage clothes and accessories in a cozy retro vibe. Address: Didžioji g. 18/2.

peronas vilnius
Peronas, Photo Credit: Go Vilnius

4. Peronas-  Located in the old Vilnius train station building initially built in 1950 and mainly served as a go-between for travelers traveling from St. Petersburg to Warsaw. Peronas is more than an ordinary bar. It is a place for social gatherings, an occasional art gallery, and home to the locally famous Tony Soprano sculpture by Donatas Jankauskas. Address: Geležinkelio g. 6

5. Literatų Street  - If you're more into books, you'll enjoy visiting this alley in the old town. It is believed that this street was called "Literatai," which means "people of letters" back in the first half of the 19th century, to honor the poet Adomas Mickevičius who lived there. In 2008, a group of artists rejuvenated the street by decorating with works of art related to authors. Visiting the alley, you can see the street walls decorated with effigies of metal, wood, and glass dedicated to various Lithuanian literary pioneers.

6. Eureka! - After visiting the alley of authors, you'd probably feel like reading a book. Eureka bookstore offers a wide selection of English books, such as fiction, biographies, graphic novels, comics, poetry, and more. Address: Universiteto g. 10

Baltic shamans
Photo Credit: Baltic shamans

7. Baltic shamans - Baltic Shamans is the place for you if you're searching for authentic Lithuanian souvenirs. At the heart of Užupis, located the art gallery and shop Baltic Shamans. The business offers various souvenirs from Lithuanian music instruments to traditional beeswax candles, etc. Address: Užupio g. 2

Lithuania Travel is a national tourism development agency working under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. The agency is in charge of Lithuania's tourism marketing and promotion. Their goal is to raise the awareness of Lithuania as a tourism destination, domestically and internationally.

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