How to make Orange Lentil Soup


orange lentil soup recipe

Super delicious and easy-to-make soup with only 4 ingredients and one secret seasoning makes this soup so good!
So how to make orange lentil soup under 5 minutes of preparation?

orange lentils soup in a white plate

The secret spice of this soup is onion flakes. Ever since I came across this spice, I love using it in various recipes, and it is so fantastic and gives an amazing taste.

This is what you need to know before we get started:
👍 Orange lentils do not require soaking like other pulses.
👍 Orange lentils lose their texture rapidly, making the soup very thick and so good.
👍 No onion flakes? You can fry in oil finely chopped onion and then add the other ingredients. It won't taste the same but will be tasty for sure.
👍 The soup doesn't contain oil, making this soup relatively healthy (of course, only if you used the onion flakes seasoning). Lentils are healthy legumes on their own. They contain lots of protein, fibers and contribute to the feeling of satiety.

Orange lentil soup/recipe: Con Delight
I measured using universal cups and spoons
500 grams of orange lentil
1/2 cup onion flakes
2 teaspoon salt or according to flavor
About 10 cups of water

1.Mix all of the ingredients in a pot—no need to soak the lentils in advance.
2.Bring to a boil, covered with a lid. Once boiling, lower the heat to high-medium and cook half-covered for 30-40 minutes. Mix occasionally.
3.Once finished, check seasoning and adjust accordingly (You can, of course, season with black pepper too). If the soup is too thick to your liking or needs water, add it now and warm for a few minutes, only until the soup is warm.
4.Mix and serve.

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