California, Big sur and cupcakes

big sur california

California is a huge state of course and we have traveled it quite a bit,
but the one place, i think, everyone are passing through is Big Sur.
The region is the segment of California State Route 1 from Carmel south to San Simeon.

road 1 united states flag
Why is it called Big Sur?
Well, it actually derives from the Spanish language "El Sur Grande" ( "the big south")
or from "El país grande Del sur" ("the big country of the south") , which refers to its location south of the city of Monterey.
We were in the area at late September and it was quite chilli.
We stopped at a vista point to see some elephant seals.
There were two sides to try and look for the elephant seals and I've decided to take the right
side, that turned out to be the wrong side, 'cause on the right you could only see three
chubby ones from a distant, not doing nothing.
We went to the left side and they were everywhere! You could not miss them, even if you 
wanted to.
So there they were, this chubby cute giant fellows..
elephant seals
a lot of elephant seals

And the breathtaking view..
breathtaking ocean view
ocean view

And how about this cute little squirrel..

Except of Big Sur, you can find in California the very first cupcake store founded by 
Candace Nelson ("Cupcake Wars")  and her husband in 2005 at Beverly Hills, California.
Now we Haven't visited there, but i thought what kind of recipe would be more appropriate than a cupcake recipe.
So I've decided to make a cupcake filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate.
This Cupcake is adapted from "Cupcake Heaven Vol 2 " of Eric Lanlard.


Ingredients For 8 cupcakes:

2 M eggs
160 ml milk(5.41 Oz)
75 gram melted butter (2.64 Ounce)
225 gram flour (7.93 Ounce)
75 gram sugar (2.64 Ounce)
1 Tbsp. baking powder
1/2 Tsp. salt
8 spoons Dulce De Leche  / jam

150 ml whipping cream (5.07 OZ)
150 gram chocolate (5.29 ounce)

Chocolate cut into stripes

Heat oven to 200 Celsius.
Beat the eggs, then add the milk and butter and stir.
Add the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder and salt and mix.
The mixture will be a bit lumpy and that's ok.
Prepare muffin tins in a muffin pan and fill about a third of the batter
to each muffin. Fill with the Dulce De Leche and pour on top the rest of the batter.
Bake for 20 - 25 minutes until risen and golden.
Let the cupcakes cool for room temperature.
Melt together the whipping cream and chocolate, Let it cool a bit and coat the cupcakes.
Sprinkle on top the chocolate stripes and bon Appetite.
chocolate cupcake
dulce de leche cupcakes


  1. The elephant seals look so cute.
    And the cupcakes look delicious that i want not only a cup, but a plate of cakes... a platecakes :)

    1. lol Thanks a lot Anonymous! Really appreciate your lovely comment.
      I too loved those chubby elephant seals.

  2. I love Big Sur. Love going down there. One of m favorite places.

    1. It is a very remarkable place! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The cupcakes look delicious! Love how you filled them with dulce de leche! Just <3 it! :)

    1. Thanks Giovanna! I love Dulce de leche a lot and they are so good in this cupcake.

  4. Big Sur is so gorgeous isn't it? I can't imagine another place on the planet more perfect.
    I'll have to try the cupcakes, they look super yummy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is very gorgeous!, although i can think of other places whom match that beauty :-) (such as Zion park, THe views from Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) ruined castle from Romany and many more that i plan to share on my blog ).
      Really appreciate you visiting here :-)

  5. These are really awesome pictures. That squirrel looks so different and bigger than the ones we have in PA. Thanks for linking up for #FlashbackFriday. I have pined your post to the the #FlashbackFriday Pinterest board.

    1. Maybe she's pregnant or just ate a bit too much? lol
      Anyway, thank you very much!! and really appreciate you stopping by and pinning my post :-)

  6. I went to Carmel last spring. Thanks for the pictures.
    The cupcakes look wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful photos! I love California, can't wait to go back

    1. Me too! Thank you very much for stopping by.

  8. The cupcake looks sinfully delightful! And how fun to see the seals! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much Mary! The cupcakes were really good and I just love that landscape.

  9. The cupcakes look delightful. And to be eating cupcakes at Big Sur while watching seals can't be beat!


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